Friday, 23 November 2012

The AF Bloggers Budget Challenge - November

I've been following a blogged called Sera for a long time now, initially I followed her Slimming World blog but when she moved in to fashion I carried on following her.

For a while now she has been involved in fashion challenges. After a lovely chat on Twitter it was decided to do a Plus Size / Curvy edition. Now even as a "BIG" girl I don't know what the correct or polite terminology is.

The challenge is called
The other ladies in the challenge are:
Sera  - who organised it all
The jist is 4 bloggers one store one theme, all the clothes are from Clothing at Tesco -Party Range

As a massive fan of Tesco clothing I was very excited, I go to my local store a fair bit and just before the challenge I’d been to the Tesco Home store in Denton and seen lots of nice things. I'm not a massive fan of shopping on line and initially struggled finding things I’d seen in store available in my size (20/22) on line.

The "Theme" was Christmas Party Wear. I knew exactly which dress I wanted from the True Range. Black and with Lace - as a normal avoider of black i thought it'd be nice for a change.

We got given £30 so with my spare £12 I wanted to get shoes but the ones I liked or they weren't available in my size, so I did a bit of panic buying and got a jacket and a cardie from the sale area.

I also need to apologise for the photo quality my camera is eating memory cards so I'm using the internal memory.

The Dress was £18 from the True Range - this is a range I tend to avoid as I can just about fit into the standard F&F range but as this was a plus size challenge decided to run with it.

I love the dress, its really nice good quality material, the main dress is a thick Jersey and the lace is nice and stretchy so i don't feel restricted.  Sadly i don't think the shape is very flattering on me.
Dress Size 22 - Tesco £18
I also got this Kimono style jacket, I didn't realise (even though the title should have told me) it was flowery I thought it was dotty. I just don't know how it is meant to look when its on.
Jacket Size 22 Tesco £7
 I love the white waterfall front cardie they only had it in a 16 but it fits! I thought it might dress down the outfit so I could wear it for work.
Cardie Size 16 Tesco £5

Shoes Size 7 M&S 
I have plans to wear this dress for a friends 30th in December and I will be teaming it with Black tights and some Navy and Black Heels from M&S, the theme of her Party is B&W however I don't like this combo so thought I’d add the blue to cheer me up.

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  1. It's such a great wee dress! I think you did brill for the challenge m'dear! Thanks for taking part xx

  2. Oh my goodness those shoes are gorgeous. Love the dress either dressed up or down and what a bargain price :-)

    1. Hi Thank you, i love the shoes as well.

  3. Don't be daft lady, you're ROCKING it xx

    1. Thank you. I think its nice to see 2 dress the same size on 2 differnt people. you can really see how it looks - need to get some belly warmers for when i wear it out in public as there is a bit to much VBO for my liking

  4. You look fab! I almost bought that dress too! It's a lovely dress and perfect for dressing up or down.


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